Natalia Marquez - Biography

Natalia has been in the real estate industry for over 21 years. During her career she has excelled as a Loan Originator, Loan Processor and Underwriter. With her extensive experience in lending, she gives her clients the full spectrum of the loan transaction. This benefits sellers and buyers. Seller's are more confident knowing she knows what to look for when presented with an offer on their property. Buyer's feel comfortable knowing, she is experienced and can explain to them what to look for when obtaining a loan and the available loan options for Low Down Payment Assistant Programs and First Time Buyer Programs.

She is fluent in helping homeowner's that are retired and looking to enjoy the lighter side of life. She has been working with seniors 62 years and older keep their homes with Reverse Mortgages. This program allows homeowner's the flexibility of maintaining their current residence or selling the current home and using the proceeds to buy a new home with the same guidelines. The goal for her is to make retired living not so stressful and with this program she is able to give her clients options.

Providing a financial resource for her clients is the Key to her business. Whether the clients are looking to purchase or refinance she works with them to set up the best plan for their personal scenario.

Serving the Orange County & Los Angeles and surrounding areas, her goal is to assist clients with all their lending needs.