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FHA loan limits have been raised across the United States
FHA Home Loan and FHA LoansIn some cases, FHA limits have doubled. California’s United Lending Partners offers a wide variety of loans according to homeowners’ needs. For example, the FHA home loan is when you are currently in an FHA loan, you may qualify for offers that are more flexible than conventional loans. This means less paperwork, no new appraisal, and flexible credit requirements.

Why use United Lending Partners?
Our focus is to find the perfect loan for clients in any situation, including finding innovative ways to meet your needs. We have had fifteen years of successful work, have our own company’s FHA license, and have developed a strong reputation with some of the largest banks and lending institutions in the industry. Call today for a free total cost analysis. We will exceed your expectations. Instead, use bullets below

  • No credit check conducted
  • Fast answers to your questions
  • Free advice based on experiences
  • Accurate and reliable information
  • Zero cost, obligation and hassle
  • California’s United Lending Partners will exceed your expectations